Parent Newsletter

Parent Newsletter

October 9th, 2020

Dear Families,

As the weather continues to cool, we have been asked to come up with a slightly new protocol for our morning bus pick up and car drop off temperature screening.

For Those families that drop their students off at school, you will continue to line your cars up behind the bus. A screener will approach your car and ask your student to enter the gym. When they go into the gym, they will sit in a spot marked by and X on the bleachers. temperature screening. A  screener will screen them there. If they are all set, they will radio out to the screener outside and that person will let you know it is ok to leave. We will take 5-6 students in at a time. If someone's temperature is reading "low" because their skin surface temperature is too cold (or too hot when everyone is bundled up this winter), sitting for a minute or two on the bleachers will allow the skin temperature to acclimate and give us an accurate reading. Once the student is screened, they will proceed down the inside hallway to their classrooms, one at a time. We are hoping this process will go as quickly as it has been, but again, it may take a bit longer the first few times we do it as everyone gets used to it.

For those students that ride the bus, you will enter the bus, one at a time and the bus monitor will screen you on the inside steps of the bus. If there are multiple people at a bus stop, please make sure you keep yourselves distanced while the monitor is taking temperatures.

I want to thank you all, again, for your patience and understanding during this time. I am sure there will be more changes to come, and we will strive to make them as seamless and easy as possible while ensuring the highest levels of safety we can provide. I will send out my regular October letter on Monday.

Warmest regards,

Jan Epstein