News From The Principal's Office

News From The Principal's Office

November 2, 2020


Happy snowy November everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend with a little added sleep! I can’t believe how much snow we are getting here still as I write this letter! I guess now is a good time to remind you all to send your children with appropriate clothing. We have quite a few students that will be inside at recess today because they did not come prepared. Also, remember if you child is riding the bus, the requirements are that windows remain open even in the winter, so it will be cold. We do not have extra winter clothing and we are not allowed to distribute it this year even if we did. It is imperative that you make sure you child has warm clothing, jackets, boots, etc. on cold and snowy days. I know that it is supposed to warm back up into the 60’s this weekend, but as I know you are all aware, the weather can drastically change from day to day, especially this time of year. Check the forecasts and please make sure your children are prepared!


Speaking of changes, you may be aware that the COVID guidance from the state has changed again and that will impact some things that we are able to do at school. Between now and November 16th when the changes go fully into effect, we will be modifying a few things. We will be able to have PE in our gym (which is coming none too soon!). Students will have to wear masks and we will not be able to use the full gym, but Mr. Hutchins is working it out and we believe we will have enough space. Also, students will be able to come to the cafeteria for lunch. We are not sure at this point if classes will be eating in there (although we were given permission to do so if we split up lunch time between K-3 and then 4-6). In the least, we will have each class go down and pick up their lunch. Once we determine if we will have students eat in the cafeteria, we will let you know. For that to happen, we will have to order extra tables in order to space students 6 feet apart and only face forward (students would not be allowed to sit face to face to eat). Also, we will be able to use the playground equipment again. We will assign each class a section of the playground to use, and classes will take turns rotating through so everyone will get equal access. Students will have to sanitize hands directly before and after using the playground. We also can use gym and recess equipment. This should make recess a little more exciting we hope! And of course I have received the results of the survey regarding which families are interested in coming to school for 4 days. We are still looking at those results and most likely will need to reconfigure/order some furniture to ensure the appropriate square footage requirements and spacing are followed, but are hoping that we will be able to honor all requests. A definitive answer should come this week to those families that requested four days.


Attached to this letter is an update from our COVID coordinator, Flo Kelley. Please read it carefully and make a special note to review the travel requirements. We hope that if you are planning to travel or have family from other states visiting for the holidays, that you will be prepared to follow the quarantining requirements set forth by the state. If you have any questions about that, please give us a call at the school and we can walk you through it.


Also, one more reminder for parents that are dropping off their children at school. Please remember to wait until we give you the thumbs up that your child has cleared the temperature check. We’d like to try to save you the trouble of driving all the way back to school to pick up your child if they have a temperature.


Despite all these changes, separating of pods, social distancing and mask wearing, I have to report that the students are doing really well! I have not had to give any reminders about mask wearing and students are really doing a great job remembering to keep some distance, especially when they are outside. Thank you all for your support and understanding as we try to navigate this very difficult time!


Here are a few things to keep on your calendar:


Friday, November 6 – Morning community meeting 7:50

Wednesday, November 11 – NO SCHOOL

Friday, November 13 – Morning community meeting 7:50

Friday, November 20 – Morning community meeting 7:50

Friday, November 20 – Early Release Day – students are released at 11:30

Wednesday November 25 through Friday, November 27 – NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break


My best to you all,




Jan Epstein