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What do we learn in Library Class

What do we learn in Library Class?

We learn how to be readers and stronger learners! 

This year Mrs. Wright will teach classes on both Monday and Tuesdays.  Students visit the library once each week to borrow books and are able to visit before school, after school, or during lunch/recess to get a fresh book. All of our students now have library class instruction each week. Our LNSU district librarians have compiled a curriculum based on the American Association of School Library's Standards for the 21st Century Learner curriculum along with the Common Core State Standards.  This curriculum is vertically aligned so we all deliver students to the middle school with a common set of information literacy skills.   At Waterville, we appreciate the community support to finally have weekly library classes just like our neighboring sending schools have had for many years, putting WES students on a level playing field for middle school. 

Main Categories of Library Instructional Units 

  • Genres - Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Literacy Appreciation & Skills
  • Location Skills
  • Parts of the Book - Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Research & Reference
  • Selection Skills
  • OPAC & Tools for Technology


Red Clover Book Award [Grade K-4]


Students in Grades K-4 are read the 10 best picture books [both fiction and non-fiction] and participate in literacy response activities to increase understanding. Each spring students vote for their favorite book, and these student votes join others from all over Vermont to select the winner. Last year over 24,000 elementary students chose our winner.   See the Red Clover page for more details of this year's books. 



Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Challenge [Grades 4-6] 


Students who read at least 5 books can vote for their favorite DCF book.  The votes are sent to the state where the winner is chosen by the children's vote.  Our district collaborates to celebrate our DCF readers with an annual Battle of the Books competition held at LUMS each spring. During the winter months, Mrs. Bryce hosts a book study group during lunch, reading a DCF book aloud to students. In April and early May, our book lunches are for our DCF Battle of the Book readers to brush up on trivia for our event scheduled in early May.   Our DCF readers will finish off the year celebrating with a sundae party on a warm sunny day in early June. 


Information Literacy [Grades 4-5-6]


  • Dorothy Canfield Fisher Books        
  • Book Talks                                      
  • Searching Online                             
  • Evaluating Websites                         
  • Research Tricks                                
  • Biographies                                                                    
  • OPALS Searching                                  
  • How our Library is Organized            
  • Dewey Decimal & Non- Fiction                                                                 
  • Genres                                                                           
  • Reference                                                                                               
  • Citations and Plagiarism