What information may I need for registration?

-Residency verification (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.)

-Immunization records

-birth certificate

-DCF (State-Placed Student) forms

-Legal guardian status paperwork

-Emergency contact info 

-Student contact info


What if I am registering my student to attend pre-school?

-Please register your student at the appropriate LNSU/LNSD school

-You will also fill out the online Act 166 Pre-K form found in PowerSchool if you intend to use one of our community partners


  How old must my student be to enter into Pre-K?

Children must be 3, 4, or 5 years of age on or before September 1st. The child may remain enrolled at age 6, however, access to Act 166 Tuition will cease at the child’s birthday. Children enrolled in Act 166 may not also be enrolled in Kindergarten.


  What if I am living with friends or family or am experiencing homelessness?

If you are living with family, friends, or are experiencing homelessness your child is still eligible to attend a prekindergarten program for 10 hours a week for 35 weeks.     Contact the school where you are living and they can help you access prekindergarten registration.


  Where can I find other prequalified Pre-K programs?

  A Vermont State licensed prekindergarten teacher must provide prekindergarten instruction for those ten hours and the program must hold a Quality Star rating of 4     STARS or have 3 STARS with a plan to achieve their 4th star.  A list of prequalified programs can be found here


  Who can I call with general school registration questions?  

Contact your school Registrar:

-Jerri Hurlburt – ECS:  802-521-5500 –

-Darcey Fletcher – LUMS:  802-851-1300 –

-Jean Santa Maria – GMTCC:  802-851-1570 –

-Beth Brown – CES: 802-521-5600 –

-Karen Aither – HPES: 802-521-5400 –

-Christine Cooney – LUHS: 802-851-1200 –

-Chloe White – JES: 802-888-6729 -

-Stephanie Castonguay – WES/BCS: 802-521-5550 –


 Who can I call with Pre-K questions?

  Contact your school Pre-K Director:

-Carrie Bullard - ECS: 802-521-5530 -

-Elizabeth Lamphere - CES: 802-521-5613 -

-Berta Baxter- HPES: 802-521-5439 -

-Glo Breisach - JES: 802-888-6751 -

-Denise Sargent - WES/BCS: 802-521-5565 -