Family Games that Reinforce Math Thinking

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Family Games that Reinforce Math Thinking


Yahtzee - (8 years and up) addition, multiplication, critical thinking skills

Uno - (2-4 years) learning colors; (4-6 years) identifying and matching numbers (7 years and up) critical thinking skills

Monopoly - (8 years and up) money, economics, critical thinking skills

Qwirkle- (6 years and up) tactical maneuvers, strategic planning, and forward thinking

QBitz - (6 years and up) symmetry, visual dexterity, quick thinking, spatial reasoning and memory skill

Chess - (6 years and up) creative and critical thinking skills; forward thinking, evaluating alternatives, and using logic to make sound choices; developing focus and concentration, impulse control

Checkers - (4 years and up) developing focus and concentration; critical thinking skills, planning ahead, memory; problem solving; impulse control

Cribbage - (8 years and up) addition, strategic thinking

Darts - (6 years and up) addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; impulse control

Mancala - (6 years and up) strategic thinking, visualizing numbers, counting, addition, subtraction

Battleship - (7 years and up) memory, logic, strategic thinking, coordinate grid, ordered pairs, columns, rows, points

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